TDP Lamp for Muscle Pain Relief at Home

As we get older, playing sports, exercising, and physical labor usually results in muscle pain that lasts for a longer period of time. It’s estimated that 80% of North Americans will experience some type of muscle pain in their lives.

Pain Medication May Not Be The Best Solution

For occasional muscle pain, taking over the counter pain medication will eliminate pain with little or no side effects. However, if you have persistent long-term muscle pain that doesn’t really go away, painkillers may not be the answer. The disadvantage of pain medicine is that it affects the whole body, not just the part that needs the medication. Also, taking painkillers on a long-term basis can be addictive and your body will become immune to it.




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Massage Therapy Can Be Very Expensive

Nowadays, massage therapy to relieve pain has become very popular which is not surprising. Lying down on a massage table while a professional masseuse massages your entire body is totally relaxing and rejuvenating. Massage provides both physical and emotional benefits so muscle pain can be relieved if not eliminated if you go for massage sessions on a regular basis. Unfortunately, most people cannot get massage sessions on a regular basis due to time and money constraints.


Muscle pain sufferers need a pain relieving solution that can be used at home or the office that will provide the same benefits as massage therapy.


TDP Mineral Lamp Relieves Muscle Pain

The TDP lamp (Teding Diancibu Pu) is a far infrared heating lamp that can assist the natural healing processes of the human body. The lamp head of a TDP lamp contains a mineral plate consisting of 33 minerals, which correspond to the minerals in the human body. Infrared heat combined with the 33 minerals will penetrate into the sore muscle area to assist the healing process.


Safe and Effective for Home Use

Far infrared heat emitting from the lamp head is completely safe and provides relief for muscle pain and arthritis. You can use the TDP lamp anytime at home or the office with a choice of an analog or digital floor lamp or a desktop analog lamp. In addition to relieving muscle pain, TDP lamps will provide great warmth during the cold winter months. Buy one today!

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