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Double Sleeping Bag: Best Solution For Outdoor Couples!

While sleeping with little more than a ground pad, sleeping-bag, and a camp fire appeals to you, your partner not be as eager to share the experience. It’s only natural for couples on a camping trip to sleep together.

In the past, design solutions were hard to come by. Most were restricted to an inflatable air bed in the back of the car, dozing under cheap sleeping bags that did not stand up to expectation. Worse yet is the idea of traveling to an amazing location and knowing you are restricted to camping in the parking lot because your gear is not made to venture further.

There are numerous things to take when car camping or hiking to make the getaway successful. A double sleeping bag is possibly not one to spring to mind.
Advantages in choosing a sleeping system for couples over single sleeping bags are as follows:

  • Sharing body heat is a more effective in colder locations.
  • A bigger bag allows individuals to move into comfortable sleep positions.
  • That all important romantic interlude is more comfortable in a double system.
  • Quality sleeping bags are expensive. Choosing a double can be less costly.

Accommodation in the Wilderness

When it comes to tents, it is generally accepted that the description by the manufacturer varies greatly from reality. A two-man tent will fit two people who do not mind sleeping in tight and less than intimate quarters. That’s not to mention room for your back-packs and food.

Tops Tips:

  1. Assemble the tent in the garden or living room floor to learn how to do it. It makes life easier for all after a day of adventure in the wilderness.
  2. Do the garden house test to see if it is shower proof.
  3. Arrive early. It is difficult to find a good spot in the dark; one that will not flood if it rains. Pitching a tent in torchlight makes it all the more frustrating.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 person tent.
Features at a glance:

  • Pole configuration allows good headroom and elbow space.
  • Color-coded hub and pole system means setting up is a breeze.
  • Vestibules to store gear. Doors that don’t drip water into the tent when open.
  • Rainfly vents to keep a dry interior.
  • Weighs just 3lb. 7oz.
  • Comes with an ultra-compact compression sack to fit into backpacks.

<a href= “”>The Hubba Hubba Nx 2 person backpacking tent.</a>

Mesa Tent
When dark clouds roll across the sky, the last thing you and your partner want is a tent with an instruction manual. The Mesa comes with a fast-pitch pole hub for quick set up.

Features at a glance:

  • 360 mesh views two person tent.
  • Double-walled, three season design.
  • Two doors with integrated vestibules.
  • 5ft fly and a 6ft. 6 inch floor.

<a href= “>The Mesa Tent two person double-wall, ideal for backpacking.</a>

The Wilderness Love-nest

By day’s end, with miles covered or peaks conquered, it is should be about cuddling up with someone special, and it must be as comfortable as possible.
The freedom of trekking in wild, the two of you communing in nature under a vast starry sky on a cold night, could not be more romantic. It all falls to pieces when knowing you will have to sleep separately.
Finding the ideal compromise between convenience and comfort that fits within your budget is no easy task.

When it comes down to a complete bedding package the REI Co-op Kingdom Sleep System Queen has it covered.

Features at a glance:

  • A queen-size air mattress.
  • A fitted mattress pad.
  • A system of insulated top quilt and attached top sheet.
  • An inflatable headboard.
  • Hand pump included.

<a href= “”>The REI co-op Kingdom Sleep System.</a>

An over-sized integrated comforter and a zipperless sleeping-bag, the Sierra Design FrontCountry Bed Queen lets you sleep in a natural positions.

Features at a glance:

  • Zipperless entry via a large opening.
  • Integrated comforter to seal the opening.
  • Oval opening adjusts to width to stop drafts.
  • Will not restrict body movement.

<a href= ”” >Sierra Design Frountcountry bed queen.</a>

Rated down to 15 degrees, Big Agnes Dream Island is an ideal sleeping system. The bottom half of the bed incorporates a sleeping pad. The advantage of this is means you will not find one or both of you sleeping on cold ground in the night because the bag and pad have separated.

Features at a glance:

  • Integrated fill pad in a sleeve design.
  • Double zippered allows entry from either side. When unzipped the top can be used as a comforter.
  • Pillow pockets.
  • Mesh storage sack and nylon stuff sack.
  • No-draft collar including a no-draft wedge.
  • Free range hood design.
  • A zipper garage to store zippers and eliminate velcro.
  • Cotton polyester blend bed lining.

A sleeping system that is warm and spacious. <a href= “”<The Big Agnes Dream Island is made for cuddling couples.</a>

Alite Design call their creation Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag. What makes this sleeping system standout from the others is you can zip the bag to a double or more.
You can also unzip the bag from toe to belly allowing free creativity when camping and the passion stirs.

Features at a Glance:

  • Improved hood for better fit. Also a simultaneous hood and neck cinch to warm in a hurry.
  • Added snap-ins on zippered legs to accommodate a smaller fit.
  • A new kangaroo pocket.

<a href= “”<Sexy Hotness Sleeping bags are a new invention in wearable sleeping bags.</a>

Travel are lightweight and fold down into a small space, yet the extra comfort they afford is worth the extra expense.
You have a range to choose from synthetic fill to hydrophobic down.

Pillow shells are available in nylon on one side and microfibre on the other. Brushed microfibre feels soft to sleep on.

<a href= “”>The Cocoon travel pillow solutions.</a>

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