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Double Sleeping Bag – Best For Camping Couples

The notion of hiking 15 miles carrying everything you need in the way of shelter and nourishment appeals to some, but when the lure of the wild gives way to creature comforts, car camping is a great alternative. The notion of hiking 15 miles carrying everything you need in the way of shelter and nourishment appeals to some, but when the lure of the wild gives way to creature comforts, car camping is a great alternative. Car camping for couples means sharing the excitement and wonder of the backcountry while remaining within reach of the security of your automobile.Unlike trekking where only lightweight essentials are carried, extras can be left in the trunk and fetched as needed. EntertainingEntertaining is elevated to levels only ever dreamt of by the intrepid backpacker. Instead of reheating mash on an inefficient white spirit stove, meals can be cooked on a gas burner or camp oven. There’s also the assurance of drinking fresh water carried in your car, instead of relying on water purifying tablets from a creek, the source of which is unknown. Food can also be kept in a cooler which means a cold beer by the fireside makes the evening that much better. The adventurous couple too young to join grey-haired constituents camping in lumbering motorhomes and restricted to the highways and trailer parks, can still venture into wilderness areas and not have to dress lying on their backs in a pup tent. A tent large enough to stand-up in will be luxury worth the effort, not to mention those times spent inside when the weather turns nasty. The appeal of lazing about a campfire in camp chairs instead of crouching on cold ground is the perfect compromise for a memorable holiday.The Great OutdoorsThe US Government manages 247.3 million acres of public lands. Referred to as Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Camping on this public land is free. Restrictions vary such as only fires on a gas fire ring are allowed, and States determine what can and can’t be done on BLM land. SecurityYour car can claim a camping spot as a permanent one for the length of your stay. It means valuables can be locked inside leaving you free to cycle or hike the surrounding area. If you enjoy camping in forests, chances are in many part of the US you will encounter wild animals.  Statistically, there is very little chance of being attacked by wolves, coyotes, or mountain lions. Alligators are a problem and simply staying away from the river banks and their territory will keep them at bay. Black bears want your food and they have a great sense of smell. Never leave food outside. If you are camping in an area populated by bears, buy a bear canister, pack it with food, and leave it a hundred yards away from your camp where bears won’t bother you.The Advantages of Double Sleeping BagsSleeping in a bigger sleeping bag allows individuals greater freedom in their choice of sleeping positions. Because body heat is shared the need for more expensive down insulation is not as critical, making synthetic filled double bags cheaper. Double bags come in many shapes and sizes. Mummy shaped doubles have a narrow bottom for feet, whereas rectangle bags have a uniform shape. <a href= “”>Big Agnes Dream Island 15</a>Packed with great features such as a pillow barn to stop your pillow sliding out in the middle of the night. A cord-lock lets you un-cinch the hood single handed. Double zippers allow entry from either side, and when completely unzipped allow the top of bag to be opened, important access when camping in the confines of the back of your SUV. And best of all, the double wide series eliminates the usual zipping two single bags together to make a double.<a href= “”>Sierra Designs FrontCountry Bed Duo</a>With a temperature rating of 27 degrees this bag is suitable for a variety of conditions. It features adjustable sleeping pad sizes from 20 to 25 inch individual pads. Departing from the convention of zippers, entry to this bag is via a large opening in the top. The bag is sealed from the cold by a built in comforter that can be tucked in to prevent cold drafts, or left open on warmer nights. <a href= “”>Alps Mountaineering Twin Peak 20</a>The ideal bag for two people car camping, the Twin Peaks 20 has pockets on each side for items such as insect spray, torches, and condoms. It has 120 ounces of fill and is an impressive 6 feet 6 inches long. The lining is microfiber and is rated between 11 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. A feature setting this bag apart and adding versatility is the ability to convert into two separate sleeping bags.<a href= “”>North Face dolomite Double 20/7</a>The Dolomite Double has a temperature rating for couples of 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The Eco synthetic insulation is made up of 30 percent post-consumer material. One handy feature is the full length zippers on each side that when unzipped allows the bag to lie flat and double as a large campground blanket. <a href= “”>Slumberjack Bonnie and Clyde 30/40</a>The 30/40 number refers to the 3-in-1 system keeping this bag together. When unzipped it creates two sleeping bags, one rated at 30 degrees, the other 40 degrees. The Bonnie and Clyde includes two comfy flannelette pillows and anti-snag zipper protection.<a href= “”>Teton Sports Mammoth 0° F</a>As the name suggest, the Mammoth is a big sleeping bag, just shy of a queen bed size. While this would be a hefty pain on the back of hikers, it is perfect for the car-camping couples. While it is hard to repack into the stuff sack, it is perfect for the car trunk. The offset seams seal in the heat and stop cold spots by keeping the insulating fill in the same space.The outer shell is a type of rayon called taffeta and resistant to water. The inner lining is flannel. The fill is polyester called hollow core fiber which has excellent heat trapping features. Another handy feature if you choose to sleep in a tent and not the back of the car, is the Mammoth comes with its own carrying bag with compression straps for an easy tote. What sets the Mammoth sleeping bag as a true three-season sleeping bag for couples is the rating down to zero degrees Fahrenheit. In some reviews, people mention that this is a warm bag and zipping up both sides generally see it gets too hot. Overall, in terms of value for money, the quality Mammoth sleeping bag has it covered.

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