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3 Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bags

When going on a hiking or camping trip, you are most likely going to sleep outdoors a few nights. In this situation, you would need a sleeping bag, specifically one that can keep you dry and warm during the entire night.
For a cold weather sleeping bag, you will need to look for something that can work efficiently in very low-temperature conditions.

A quick search on the internet will give you an endless list of choices to pick from, and this can be very confusing. This article combines three of the best cold sleeping bags you can get on the market today. All three are designed to be lightweight and also able to withstand any weather condition you choose to use them in.
The Military Modular Sleep System
The Military Modular Sleep System is designed to cater to the users’ needs in various weather conditions. To achieve this there system comprises of four units; a Bivy bag, two sleeping bags, and a stuff bag which also acts as a carry bag. The temperature rating of the system is at -50° F when the four units are combined into one. The ability to choose between connecting the units or not makes the system very efficient. The system is a standard U.S. Military Issue.
The Bivy, which is the largest of the units, measures 80 inches in length, 34 inches in width at the shoulder and 28 inches in width at the leg. The patrol bag and the ICW both measure 80 inches by 34 inches. The carry bag is 24 inches by 14 inches.
The Military Modular Sleep System is designed to be used by military personnel in weather conditions which can change at any point. It is also ideal for campers and hikers going on long hiking trails since it is durable, lightweight, and allows you choose your warmth level.
The sleeping bag gives enough room on the inside for you to sleep without having to take off your shoes and still feel comfortable. This can be an advantage in regions where the temperature is extremely low. The zippers on the bag also provide an easy and quick access without having to fiddle.

It is effective over a wide temperature range
It is relatively light when packed into the carry bag
It is easy to choose how warm you want to be by deciding which bags you wish to use
The stuff sack may not fully cover the other bags when put inside


Kelty Cosmic 0
The Kelty Cosmic 0 sleeping bag is a lightweight sleeping bag which comes in a regular size and a longer size which are both below 4 pounds in weight. The regular sized bag measures 72 inches in length and 62 inches wide at the shoulder while the longer version measures 78 inches in length and 64 inches wide at the shoulder. This difference in size is to provide room to accommodate consumers who may be taller than the regular sized bags.
The sleeping bag is designed to be used in different weather conditions by hikers and campers. With its temperature rating of 0° F or -18° C, the Kelty Cosmic 0 can be used in during the winter, late fall, spring an at high altitudes.  Combining a Taffeta liner and shell with a DriDown insulation, it provides enough heat to keep you warm even during periods when it gets wet. Using the dual zipper and the thermal comfort hood, you can also gain more comfort and warmth when you make use of this sleeping bag.
Most suitable if you are going on a hiking expedition with a long trail since it is light and can be easily folded into a stuff bag.


It retains heat fairly well
It has a 58-inch dual zipper to prevent heat from escaping and also to make it easy to enter and exit the bag
The bag is light and easy to pack into its stuff sack
Dirt and stains are not easily noticeable

Comes in only one color variant
The bag is narrow and offers little room for consumers with a stocky build
It may not be easy to use the thermal comfort hood if you are past the height limit
The foot box may retain excessive heat


Slumberjack Latitude
The Slumberjack Latitude sleeping bag is a comfortable and durable bag which comes in three different sizes. This wide range offers a choice based on sleep patterns, build, and height. Having a temperature rating of 20° F, this sleeping bag can be used in different conditions. It comes in a short size with a dimension of 74 inches in length and 30 inches in width, a medium size of 82 inches by 34 inches, and a long size of 86 inches in length and 34 inches in width for heights of 5’4”, 6’, and 6’6” respectively.
The Slumberjack Latitude uses the Slumbersoft insulation along with a hood to retain heat within the bag. It also has a water-repellent finish with an outer diamond ripstop polyester and an inner polyester Taffeta. To provide extra space to move your feet freely, the foot box is shaped in a trapezoidal form. The draft tube over the zipper also prevents cold air from entering into the bag during the night.
This bag is designed to be used in cold conditions and during a hike over an average distance.
It has great heat retention capabilities
Comes in different sizes for various body shapes
The drawstring helps to protect the face from insects
The zipper keeps hooking onto the bag material

When going for any outdoor camping or hiking activity, your first concern is how to keep yourself warm during the nights you will have to sleep outside. This means you have no control over what you will face, either a clear night sky or a heavy storm. All you can do is to decide on a sleeping bag that can offer you the protection you will need to go through each night. If you need sleeping bags for cold weather conditions, then picking one of the three listed above, which are three of the best, can provide you the solace you need to get through each night.

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